I first knew I had a connection with the spirit world when I was five years old, I heard a noise one night downstairs so bravely went downstairs to investigate, my mum was asleep upstairs and my father was working away so I knew it wouldn't be them.

As a young child I was always curious to the goings on around me so wasn't scared of the fact that there were noises coming form the kitchen. I went downstairs and was greeted by this old lady, she was very friendly and smiled at me. I wasn't freaked out by her, she had a very warm and loving presence about her. I went to bed that night knowing I had witnessed something very important.

I became more aware of my abilties when I got my first pet, a cat called Tigger. I was aware of her feelings and sensed that she had been a young baby in her previous life that had died suddenly after being born. Hence her playful nature and warm heart. I sensed also that she didn't take to new people easily, and was very timid and anxious at times, throughout the years our bond grew and I was able to communicate to her and reassure her that everything would be ok, as she has done for me.

My first interest in the Tarot commenced when I was aged eleven, I was drawn to what I thought was an ordinary pack of playing cards when I was out shopping one afternoon with my parents, I didn't know what they were, I just knew that they were meant for me and that I had to buy them! My mum didn't like my choice of purchase and tried persuading me that tarot was not something to be messed with, I didn't know what she was talking about, nor did I care. I was going to get these tarot cards. That afternoon when I got home I took them out of their box and started playing with them, I asked the cards a simple question, "Would I get a rise in my pocket money soon?" I laid out the cards and interpreted their meanings, they were so easy to understand and I had an instant connection with them. The answer I got was, a windfall would come in a week's time, sure enough a week later my dad called me downstairs to give me £10, I was astonished, it was amazing. How could I have predicted that would happen using my own intution?

From then on I used my tarot cards for almost everything that came up, whether just a question I wanted to be answered or something more specific. I had guidance and wisdom put in front of me so why should I let it go to waste? I used it to my absolute advantage, not just for myself and my personal development but for others too.

I have also had guidance from the spirit world, when I was aged thirteen both of my grandfathers came through to me on numerous occasions giving me advice on what to do in certain situations. Not that I took much notice at that age of course but I know now that I've got people watching over me and guiding me on my spiritual path.

I also went to spiritual meetings at this age and met a medium friend who is now my guide on this side of life, whenever I have a problem I go to him for help and he guides me and advises me on what I should do. For instance I had a problem a year ago when I had this spirit inside my house and I didn't know what to do about it. He was a man who had been badly burned in a fire and it had happened in the house I was currently living in. My friend advised me that it was nothing to be afraid of and he moved this person on and showed me how to do it. I can now do this myself, it was just another learning curve on my path.

When I matured more at sixteen I got very interested in astrology, and started noting down my dreams. I had very predictive dreams, I'll dream something and it happens, I see it as a warning. I often think I've been somewhere before when I go to a new place, and do sense who I was in previous lives.

Spell casting and witchcraft is something else I have a natural ability in and is something I take great pride in as part of my work. I understand of course that when spell casting you must have good intentions and that you wish to harm none. Otherwise it will come back on you, if you had bad intentions and wanted something that could harm others.

As for my intution I rely on this greatly, I trust my gut instincts and they have never been wrong! For instance I can tell who is calling me when I havent looked at the caller ID, also when I meet someone new for the first time I know instantly if we will get on or not.

I come from a long line of spiritualists and clairvoyants so doing this work is a family thing!

I am a genuine psychic who just wants to help those who need a bit of guidance, reassurance that they can't get from a normal view point. My true desire is to put others before myself and make people happy hence why I chose to develop my gift!

If you have any questions or queries email me at amber17jo@hotmail.co.uk

Love and light, Aria.